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The Medal (formerly named "Council Gold Medal") was instituted in 1984, and since that time Gatton Campus graduates have been honoured by the award of the Medal on an annual basis.

The purpose of awarding the UQ Gatton Gold Medal is primarily to recognise a graduate who has achieved outstanding success or honour in, or has made and continues to make, an outstanding contribution to their vocation in an area of relevance to the interests of UQ Gatton. In addition, the award presents an opportunity to highlight in public the role and achievements of UQ Gatton.

Gold Medal recipients

2022, Mr John Ziro

2021, Mr Daniel Kelly AM

2020, Mr John Pollock AM

2019, Dr Bruce Charles Pengelly

2018, Dr Glen Harold Simpson

2017, Mr David Charles Ferguson Minnis OAM

2016, Dr Wallace John Taylor OAM

2015, Mr Paul Stephen Sattler OAM

2014, Dr Peter Michael Thornber

2013, Dr Noel Edward Hayman

2012, Dr Gavin Ward Porter

2011, Major-General Michael Fairweather AM

2010, Dr Denis Hoffman

2009, Mr Victor Gerald Collins AM

2008, Dr Kerry Francis Dowsett

2007, Dr Allan Andrew Baker

2006, Professor Keith William Entwistle

2005, Professor Laurence Mark Hilton von Itzstein

2004, Ms Bettina Jane Dalton

2003, Mr Victor Noel Meurant

2002, Mr Boonyarak Suebsiri

2001, Mr Harry George Debney

2000, Hon Keith Ernest De Lacy AM

1999, Mr James Gordon Miller

1998, Mr John Sinclair AO

1997, Mr John Copeman Grigg

1996, Dr Neil William Heather

1995, Mr Colin George Story

1994, Mr Graham John Kleinschmidt

1993, Mr Alan George Brimblecombe AM

1992, Mr Basil Brabazon Brett

1991, Mr Donald Arthur McKechnie AM

1990, Mr Donald Crawford Watson OBE

1989, Mr Stanley Richard Walsh

1988, Professor Henry Allan Nix AO

1987, Mr William George Robertson

1986, Mr Berenado Vunibobo

1985, Rt Hon John Douglas Anthony AC, PC, CH

1984, Dr Percival James Skerman