UQ Gatton Past Students' Association

UQ Gatton Past Students' Association Inc. is open to all past students and staff from throughout the Campus' history as the Queensland Agricultural College, Queensland Agricultural High School and College and The University of Queensland Gatton Campus.

The objectives of the association are as follows:

  • To foster comradeship between past students, staff and students, in order to further the ideals and prestige of UQ Gatton;
  • To hold an annual reunion at UQ Gatton;
  • To assist the establishment of regional branches of the Association;
  • To assist regional branches of the Association to hold reunions;
  • To assist in an advisory capacity in matters relating to the general well-being of UQ Gatton;
  • To establish funds for the UQ Gatton Past Students' Association Scholarship;
  • To award scholarships to students studying at UQ Gatton;
  • To provide an unofficial advisory service to members on matters of interest regarding UQ Gatton;
  • To establish and maintain the UQ Gatton Museum; and
  • To promote a high standard in science and practice in all areas represented by UQ Gatton courses.

All past students as well as past and present staff are invited to apply for membership of the Association.

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