Biosecurity at UQ Gatton

Biosecurity manages animal and plant health, and the risks and impacts of animal and plant pests, diseases, weeds, pest animals, marine pests and contaminants.

UQ Gatton's staff, students and visitors interact with farm animals through research, teaching and learning activities such as field work in rural and regional Australia.

We take a wide-range of biosecurity measures to minimise and prevent emergency animal disease (EAD) threats to susceptible animals on our campus.

This includes: 

  • Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)
  • Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)
  • African Swine Fever and 
  • other diseases.

Staff, students and visitors to UQ Gatton all have a part to play to help minimise EAD threats, particularly if you're visiting our campus after travelling to Australia from another country.