Biosecurity at UQ Gatton Campus

About biosecurity

Biosecurity is about managing animal and plant health, and the risks and impacts of animal and plant pests and diseases, weeds, pest animals, marine pests and contaminants.

Biosecurity Advisory Committee

The UQ Gatton Campus Biosecurity Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the Gatton Campus Risk and Compliance Committee. The Chair of the Committee is a member of the Gatton Campus Risk and Compliance Committee and the UQ Institutional Biosafety Committee (UQ IBC).

terms of reference

Biosecurity Management Plan

The purpose of the Biosecurity Management Plan is to provide information to staff, students and visitors of The University of Queensland Gatton Campus on Biosecurity and the procedures to follow to comply with the Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014 (The Act) and the Queensland Biosecurity Regulation 2016 (The Regulation).

Note: The Biosecurity Management Plan is NOT the complete information on biosecurity procedures and practices for all areas of the Gatton Campus.  There are specific and essential procedures to follow in some areas of campus to eliminate biosecurity risks.  You will need to consult the person responsible for that area of your work.

The goals of the Biosecurity Management Plan are:
  • To improve the awareness of biosecurity issues on the Gatton Campus and to improve the outcomes for any biosecurity issue that may arise.  
  • To manage our biosecurity risks in a manner which allows the University’s core business of teaching, research and engagement to continue.
  • To identify any biosecurity priority issues on the Gatton Campus.
The outcomes of the Biosecurity Management Plan are:
  • Awareness of Biosecurity Acts and Regulations.
  • Staff, students and visitors are aware of biosecurity issues on Gatton Campus.
  • Staff, students and visitors know where to find information on procedures to manage biosecurity.
  • Staff, students and visitors know what to do in an emergency or notifiable event.

Acts and Regulations

The Queensland Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014 commenced on 1 July 2016. Under the Act, the  Biosecurity Regulation 2016 sets out how the Act is implemented and applied.

General biosecurity obligation

A general biosecurity obligation (GBO) is now the legal responsibility of all persons to take reasonable steps to ensure that they do not spread a pest, disease or contaminant.  

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