The Gatton Biosecurity Advisory Committee considers biosafety and biosecurity on the Gatton campus.

It is a sub-committee of the Gatton Campus HSW Committee.

Our Committee Chair is a member of the Gatton Campus HSW Committee and the UQ Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Terms of reference

  • Ensure written policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are in place to:
    • Reduce the probability of entry of pests, weeds and diseases of animals (including zoonoses) or plants.

    • Mitigate the threat and/or impact of pests, weeds and diseases of animals or plants which may affect areas near to or on the relevant sites.

  • Identify and report any emerging threats

  • Coordinate and ensure biosecurity protocols and practices are consistent across the Gatton Campus (Schools and Units) and associated sites and with university policies and procedures.

  • Document and report incidents or accidents relating to potential or actual breaches of biosecurity and develop strategies to avoid recurrence or any incident or accident.

  • Engage with relevant UQ stakeholders and external organisations located on the campus/conducting activities on the campus to ensure harmonisation of biosecurity policies and practices.

  • Engage with relevant stakeholders to raise the profile and importance of animal and plant biosecurity issues, policies and procedures.