The Gatton Biosecurity Advisory Committee considers biosafety and biosecurity on the Gatton campus.

It is a sub-committee of the Gatton Campus Risk and Compliance Committee.

Our Committee Chair is a member of the Gatton Campus Risk and Compliance Committee and the UQ Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Terms of reference

  • Provide advice to Gatton Campus management on appropriate responses to any incursion, threat or outbreak of disease potentially affecting the Campus and/or associated sites.
  • Ensure written policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are in place to:
    1. Reduce the probability of entry of diseases of animals (including zoonoses) or plants on to the Gatton Campus or associated sites;
    2. Mitigate the threat and/or impact of diseases of animals or plants which may affect areas near to or on the relevant sites.
  • Identify and report any emerging threats.
  • Coordinate and ensure biosecurity controls and practices are consistent across the Gatton Campus (Schools and Units) and associated sites and with University policies and practices.
  • Document and report incidents or accidents relating to potential or actual breaches of biosecurity and develop strategies to avoid recurrence of any incident or accident.
  • Engage with relevant UQ stakeholders and external organisations located on the Campus conducting activities on the Campus to ensure harmonisation of biosecurity policies and practices.
  • Engage with relevant UQ stakeholders to ensure compliance with biosecurity policies and practices and to seek advice and input relating to new developments, review and improvement of existing policies and practices.
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders to raise the profile and importance of animal and plant biosecurity issues, policies and procedures.