Schools attend Careers Fair

18 Apr 2016

While the primary focus of the UQ Gatton Regional Careers Fair is to provide a forum for university students to discuss placement and career opportunities with potential employers, the event will open its doors to a limited number of high school groups for the first time in 2016.

Campus Director Janelle Zahmel explained the reasoning behind the initiative.

“I think adults tend to forget just how challenging it can be in the last few years of high school, trying to juggle current study demands while making decisions on future study options and career aspirations.

“Really, the goal should be to provide students with the opportunity to get study and career information in one place, and direct from the source. For our university students, that means contact with employers, but for school students, they will be able to talk to academics as well as employers to assess both the study and career possibilities available,” added Ms Zahmel.

“UQ Gatton will also provide Student Ambassadors to host visiting school groups on campus tours and discuss student life from the student’s point of view.”

With agriculture consistently providing more career opportunities than graduates – as high as five job vacancies for every graduate in some fields of study – there is a need across the industry to attract more students. As for the students, they have the opportunity to enter an industry where they will be highly sought-after immediately upon graduation.

“From the perspective of the university and the employers attending the fair, it will allow for a greater level of understanding, with students as early as year ten being able to develop a more relevant subject selection plan in response to both academic and industry advice,” said Ms Zahmel. “The goal is to have better prepared students who are more likely to complete their degrees to a high level and remain in the industry upon graduation.”

The initiative will also benefit employers who wish to discuss entry-level vacancies with high school students in addition to higher-level positions and placement opportunities for university students.

Other changes to the 2016 UQ Regional Careers Fair include moving the site to the Campus' Multi Purpose Building, which will provide all-weather comfort for both employers and students.

Those businesses and schools wishing to attend the UQ Regional Careers Fair at UQ Gatton Campus on Wednesday, April 20 between 11am and 2pm should contact the Campus Marketing Coordinator, Neil Donnelly, at or call 07 5460 1299.