The University of Queensland Gatton Community Garden has flourished from the hard work and creativity of a keen group of students, The UQ Plant Science Society.

The idea gained in momentum and once Property and Facilities (UQ Sustainability) came on board along with the Office of the Director, Gatton Campus the project grew larger than what was initially envisioned.

The UQ Gatton Community Garden is nearly a hectare in size and includes:

  • Thirty-eight garden beds in which students and staff can grow their own herbs and vegetables
  • Soil pit
  • Outdoor seating and a covered deck that can be used as a versatile classroom
  • Garden shed
  • Amenities block

The UQ Gatton Campus Community Garden is positioned next to the recently established Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) with the objective to easily incorporate recycling and re-use of waste materials into the garden.

The next stage of the project will involve the planting of exotic trees, fruit and nut trees, native bush tucker foods and establishing worm farms and on-site composting.

The UQ Gatton Community Garden will also be used as a living laboratory by the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences (SAFS) and the School of Veterinary Science (SVS), complementing what is being learnt in the classroom. It will be able to assist with teaching of crop production, plant disease identification and soil science through a dedicated soil pit. There is also a fenced off area to grow plants that are poisonous to animals, assisting the veterinary students to be able to identify these plants.

The project has been led by The UQ Plant Science Society with the support of Property and Facilities (UQ Sustainability) and the Office of the Director, Gatton Campus. The concept plan for the garden was developed by All You Can Eat Gardens.