UQ Gatton tours

We offer tours for those interested in studying courses offered at UQ Gatton, school groups or public interest groups.

Book your tour at least 2-4 weeks before you plan to visit UQ Gatton. We only run tours during the week; Monday to Friday between 8am - 4pm. Tours are not available on weekends (Saturdays or Sundays) or public holidays, and may be limited during university holidays and exam periods

We offer: 

  • School tours: bus tours for school groups with a general interest in UQ Gatton's programs and facilities

  • Individual tours: walking tours for students interested in attending UQ Gatton who haven't had the opportunity to visit with their school. Participants will need to wear closed-in footwear.

  • Sightseeing tours: bus tours for public interest groups who would like to tour UQ Gatton's facilities. It may include lunch in the Dining Hall.

Campus tours commence at the Student Centre unless otherwise specified.View map (Note: The Student Centre is located in building 8101A -  N.W. Briton Administration Annexe, behind the UQ Gatton sign and flagpoles)

 Biosecurity advice for visitors to UQ Gatton: If you've entered Australia from another country, and you plan to visit UQ Gatton and/or a UQ Gatton livestock facility you must not have any direct contact (patting, feeding, husbandry or research) with livestock for 7 days following your arrival into the country. Learn more

Book your tour

Select your tour to make a booking.  Note: Groups booking the UQ Gatton bus tour will need to choose a bus with a microphone.

School tour  Individual tour  Sightseeing tour


School/Individual tours:
Phone: 07 5460 1279

Sightseeing tours:
Email: ccu@uq.edu.au
Phone: 07 5460 1489