Pig Unit

The Pig Unit is used to support teaching and research activities on the Gatton campus, while supplying pigs for research projects conducted at various other UQ sites.  The piggery houses 380 sows and 2200 pigs in total on site.  1100 pigs are grown under contract off-site.  The unit enjoys a high health status which results in fast growing, high performing, low mortality and minimal antibiotic use. This is maintained through having effective quarantine rules for people entering the piggery and there is no introduction of live animals to the piggery. New genetic material is introduced through artificial insemination.

The unit has a high level of usage by students from the School of Veterinary Science and the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences. It also supports a large and diverse range of research projects.  Approximately 7500 pigs are sold per annum to local processors and other pig breeders due to their outstanding genetic potential and high health.

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