2019 Distinguished Past Student Award winner

Joe completed studies at The University of Queensland’s Gatton campus for a Certificate in Agriculture in 1969 and a Bachelor of Applied Science in 1977, followed by a Master of Science in Engineering Agrology, at the University of Edmonton, Canada in 1988.

He went on to work with farmers, scientists and the agricultural industry in more than 27 countries throughout Asia, North America, Africa and the Balkans. As noted in a letter of recommendation for Joe's award: “He was at the forefront of developing the mechanisation, crop production and research guidelines of the rice industries in a large number of African and South-East Asian countries.”

In Australia, Joe held a wide range of positions, including experimentalist, research office, senior agricultural extension agronomist in Queensland, engineering consultant with Ford Tractor Company, and research engineer with Dunlop Olympic and Goodyear.

This was followed by many years overseas as:  

  • Agricultural engineer – Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand
  • Agricultural consultant - Cambodia
  • Head of Operations, Agricultural Engineering and Experiment Station - Philippines
  • Regional Coordinator for East and Southern Africa - Mozambique
  • Consultant in Rice Technology - Thailand