2016 Distinguished Past Student Ward winner 

David Lovell graduated from QAC in 1965 having completed a Diploma in Animal Husbandry, with 1st Class Honours and was Dux of the College.

Like a number of graduates at the time, he went on to study Veterinary Science at UQ St Lucia where he graduated in 1970, was awarded the University Medal and was Dux of the School.

David went on to work at Werribee, in Victoria, and Dalby before heading off to work as a vet in New Jersey, USA. He returned to UQ St Lucia to take up a position as Lecturer in Equine Surgery.

He holds a PhD and has served with a number of Equine Associations and Boards, including the Australian Equine Veterinary Association, the Australian Veterinary Association, the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council, the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland. He has published numerous scientific papers both in Australia and the United States.

David was significantly involved in 2007 with the equine influenza outbreak that devastated the horse industry. This disease has since been eradicated in Australia. Since the initial outbreak in 1994 of “Hendra Disease”   
David has served on the Horse Industry Bio- Security and Market Access Liason Group, initally involved in the formation of this group and now as a consultant.