2015 Distinguished Past Student Award winner 

Chris was a student at QAC from 1976 to 1979, graduating with a Bachelor of Business – Rural Management. Upon completion of studies he took up a position as a Field Officer with Pacific Seeds. From this beginning he has become and remains after 31 years, a driving force within that company.

Chris’ time at Pacific Seeds has been marked by many achievements. He was part of a team that pioneered new crops and new varieties; crops such as canola, forage and grain sorghum and was part of a task force at Pacific Seeds that developed the Pacific Seeds Ord Farm. This operation provides contra-season seed when supplies from traditional sources are short. He even has a midge resistant grain sorghum variety named after him.

Chris is the person behind the development of the innovative Pacific Seeds Gateway Schools Agriculture program which encourages school students to pursue a career in agriculture. Schools such as Drayton and Clifton State Schools have been involved in the program.