2013 Distinguished Past Student Award winner 

Referred to as “an unknown superstar” of Gatton College, now UQ Gatton, D’Arcy Gibbs has worked in over 75 countries, undertaking projects to address world poverty.

Graduating with a Queensland Diploma in Agriculture in 1963, D’Arcy initially spent time on a property at Mungalalla in SW Queensland before moving north to Papua New Guinea where he held various positions in extension and management.

He later established himself in a rural development role concentrating on under-developed countries which are too numerous to mention here, suffice to say they are located in Asia, Central Asia, Pacific, Oceania, Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East, large tracts of Africa, Central America and the Carribean.

This work required consultation and communication at a multi-lateral and bilateral level with major international institutions, leading to basic house-hold self-sufficiency through improved crop yields and animal performance.

In the quest for rural development D’Arcy also became involved in conflict resolution and war reconstruction in places like Ethiopia and Eritrea, Bosnia, Namibia and Cambodia.

Winning over suspicious and recalcitrant Government officials in North Korea and China by persuading them to adopt change to the way they operated, in particular alleviating poverty in the face of starvation – extremely challenging programs.

To sum up the outstanding career of D’Arcy Gibbs, it is best left to one of his colleagues who worked with him on several projects.

He said, “100 missions over 30 years in 60 countries represents a formidable consistent record of delivering satisfactory G & S to a wide range of clients”… “an unstated deep moral commitment to his work”… “an uncomplaining, self-reliant resilience in dealing with personal and professional challenges; a sensitivity and attention to the needs and vulnerabilities of others; and a huge capacity for hard work”.