Gatton Farms

The University of Queensland Gatton Farms is located on the UQ Gatton Campus 80 kilometers west of Brisbane. The farms cover 1054 hectares and includes a dairy, piggery, poultry unit, sheep and goat herd, horticultural fields, plant nursery, post-harvest facilities, research laboratories and greenhouses, and an extensive range of plant and farm machinery. UQ Gatton Farms is spread across two locations. The main area of activities is on the Gatton Campus with another farm, Darbalara located 10 kilometers from the main campus.  Darbalara is 184 hectares in size and will be the home of the School of Veterinary Science Droughtmaster herd. This site will be used by the School as the beef cattle teaching facility from Semester 2, 2015 along with other grazing and crop production.

The Campus is located in the Lockyer Valley which is a highly fertile horticulture area.  We experience a subtropical climate with relatively long hot summers, and short, mild winters with occasional frosts. Rainfall is summer dominant with 65-70% of the total rainfall occurring in the October to March period. The average annual rainfall to the area is approximately 780 mm making this the driest part of the South East Queensland region.

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