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Create a sustainable future

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The world is changing, creating new jobs and challenges that need to be solved. One of the biggest global challenges is the need to create a sustainable future - economically, socially and environmentally.

By choosing to study, agriculture, animals, veterinary science, food or the environment you will become part of the solution to solving issues such as climate change, feeding a growing population, biosecuity, poverty and diminishing natural resources. It's an exciting future that will be shaped by graduates with qualifications in these areas.

Choose to become apart of it by studying with the Faculty of Science.

Programs are available at a vocational, undergraduate and post graduate level in these areas. Our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Gatton Vocational Education Centre (G-VEC) issues and delivers the Universities vocational curriculum and course structures which are embedded in the ‘Rural Skills' course and the ‘Certificate' program. 

Gatton Vocational Centre

Q-GVEC is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Number 1511) located at the UQ Gatton Campus and is a Centre wholly under the University of Queensland and operates under the Office of the Director Gatton Campus (ODGC).

The primary role of The University of Queensland's Gatton Vocational Education Centre (UQ-GVEC) is to offer a range of applied rural educational programs and courses that are innovative and not traditionally offered via the Universities academic programs. Our level of delivery ranges from a Certificate Level 1 to the Advanced Diploma (AQF 6) and are nationally accredited.

Our engagement model is designed to provide aspirational opportunity to students (such as high schools) who may not elect to undertake the traditional entry OP model and seek to undertake vocational level qualifications for a career pathway or as a pathway towards the higher education sector subject to their specific entry requirements.

As a development of this charter we offer pathways such as the Certificate Level III in Rural Operations delivered over one semester to our Integrated Diploma Program (IDP) delivered over two years full time. Completion of this program (IDP) can then be considered for further studies via the suite of rural academic programs delivered via the Faculty of Science and the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences (SAFS) within the same campus.

UQ-GVEC also offers vocationally aligned courses to our specific internal full time academic programs such as the Veterinary Technology or Wildlife programs which are aligned to our vocational Certificate Level IV in Veterinary Nursing or Captive Animals courses.

UQ-GVEC recently won the Agriculture and Horticulture Production and Processing Award at the 2014 Lockyer Valley Business, Training and Apprenticeship Awards. 



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